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Berry Plastics - 50' x 150' 6 Mil Clear TuffliteIV Greenhouse Plastic (TIV)
Berry Plastics - 50' x 150' 6 Mil Clear TuffliteIV Greenhouse Plastic (TIV)

Berry Plastics - 50' x 150' 6 Mil Clear TuffliteIV Greenhouse Plastic (TIV)

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TuffliteIV is a four year 6 mil greenhouse covering with UV protection, and an anti-dust additive that reduces dust build-up. 6 Mil Clear TuffliteIV is a workhorse greenhouse plastic. It is inexpensive because it is non-woven and 6 mil which is fairly thin. Infrared and anti-condensate additives are considered an industry standard and are too good to pass up by cultivators who've experienced the difference.

How good is "infrared"? Tufflight Infrared has an "infrared" additive which reduces heat loss at night. When compared to conventional greenhouse plastic, a savings of up to 35% can be achieved under clear sky conditions on a cold night. The increased cost over standard plastic is nominal when compared to savings in propane or natural gas. 

What kind of plastic do you use to make a greenhouse? 6 Mil TuffliteIV greenhouse plastic is our most popular choice. If your greenhouse location experiences strong sunlight you may want to consider Tufflite InfraRed. If your greenhouse experiences snowfall you may want to consider a thicker type of plastic. If you are only going to keep your greenhouse plastic on for one year, Tufflite Nursery Clear may be a more economical option. There are many options available and our friendly staff can help you with recommendations. 


  • TuffliteIV poly is UV stabilized which delays damage to the light transmission rating for 4 years.
  • High Clarity tri-layer greenhouse covering.
  • Anti-dust additive is designed to help prevent dust from sticking to your plastic reducing light transmission loss.
  • Light dispersion additives help disperse light reducing the impact of light/dark spots.

Benefits and Features

  • Reduces pest problems and disease
  • Helps manage harsh weather conditions
  • Additives reduce costs and improve yields
  • Extended growing season improves profitability
  • Protects crops from rain and strong winds
  • May reduce delays in harvest due to rainfall
  • May minimize the use of pesticide and fungicide applications
  • Easily assembled and affordable