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Berry Plastics  32' X 150'  5 Mil Tufflite Black & White Greenhouse Film (BW)

Berry Plastics 32' X 150' 5 Mil Tufflite Black & White Greenhouse Film (BW)

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Tufflite Black & White offers UV protection and an anti-dust additive. Black and white greenhouse plastic (also known as panda film) can produce total darkness when installed properly. Tufflite Black & White is a 5 mil greenhouse plastic that will require gentle handling if you want it to last. It has a 1-year lifespan.

Hortitech Direct also offers stronger options for light dep greenhouse plastic, so feel free to reach out for recommendations. We've handled a lot of greenhouse poly and have plenty of knowledge to share comparing quality, differences in thickness, woven vs non-woven, and the benefits of additives.


  • White on the outside to reflect the sun.
  • Black on the inside to create darkness for your plants.

Benefits and Features

  • Reduces pest problems and disease
  • Helps manage harsh weather conditions
  • Additives reduce costs and improve yields
  • Extended growing season improves profitability
  • Protects crops from rain and strong winds
  • May reduce delays in harvest due to rainfall
  • May minimize the use of pesticide and fungicide applications
  • Easily assembled and affordable