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Bio Works - Botanigard  MAXX 2.5 Gallon

Bio Works - Botanigard MAXX 2.5 Gallon

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BotaniGard Maxx is a powerful combination of pyrethrins and live spores of Beauveria bassiana Strain GHA. These active ingredients work independently, yet in harmony, providing multiple modes of action to kill harmful insects. The pyrethrins attack the nervous system of the insect while the B. bassiana spores penetrate the insect's protective cuticle and kill it from within. It is designed to provide both knockdown and residual control in the growing area.

Key Features:

  • A unique botanical insecticide/mycoinsecticide combo.
  • Can be used in rotation with many other biorational controls.
  • Pyrethrins briefly increase pest movement, increasing the chance of infection by B. bassiana.
  • 12 hour REI (restricted entry interval), 0-day PHI (pre-harvest interval)

BotaniGard MAXX makes an exemplary rotation partner with other formulations of BotaniGard, but is also compatible with many other insecticides and fungicides. For best results, use as soon as insect pests are spotted, before their population is established. Results can generally be seen within 2-5 days after the first spray. Do not reapply within 3 days, unless the infestation is extreme. If this is the case, wait 24 hours for reapplication. You can spray up until the day of harvest on most crops.