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CANNA - Bio Terra Plus 50 Liter Bag

CANNA - Bio Terra Plus 50 Liter Bag

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BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus is a plant-based natural blend of ingredients specifically developed for use in organic farming.  It is OMRI listed and thus verified for organic use according to NOP standard program. It is certified by Control Union Certifications for use in organic growing.

BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus only contains organic fertilizers of plant origin, which are released according to the needs of the plant. Thus, the plant always has the optimal amount of nutrition. With this simple but effective system, less- experienced growers can also achieve great results using BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus.

BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus is a reduced peat potting blend, the best white peat, coco coir, and organic bases without any materials of an animal origin. Coco coir offers a solution as a sustainable alternative to peat. Combining the exceptional physical properties of high-quality white peat with our highest grade of coco coir has proven to be a solution that provides an ideal substrate for your plant.

The unsteamed coco fiber used in the mix provides the correct physical structure, allowing the roots to form beneficial relationships with their physical environment. Bio Terra Plus provides a well-balanced nitrogen ratio. Extended liming provides the optimal pH environment for a longer time period. An increased water-holding capacity and improved drainage properties ensure a well-aerated substrate for faster rooting. It also aids in reducing nitrate leaching with water drainage and helps keep essential minerals available for plants.

Natural and easy

BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus provides a continuous release of nutrients for the first 4-6 weeks, depending on the type of crop grown. Furthermore, it provides a stable and predictable soil pH level from start to finish. A stable pH ensures that nutrients are more evenly available for the plants. BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus assists you throughout the entire growing cycle:

  • Plant-based natural blend
  • Provides the optimum root environment for the best plant health, quality, and vitality
  • Contains coco fiber to provide an ideal structure
  • Stable and predictable soil pH from start to finish
  • Increases water-holding capacity