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FloraFlex - Micro Drip 16-17mm Shutoff Valve

FloraFlex - Micro Drip 16-17mm Shutoff Valve

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The Micro Drip Shutoff Valve are used to connect two sections of the 16/17mm Double Layer polyethylene tubing where on/off functionality is needed. A handle ball valve is located in the middle of the fitting for easy on/off function. 


- Manually turn on/off flow to a zone

- Manually flush out the system

- Adjust PSI per zone

- Adjust Flow per zone 

About FloraFlex Micro Drip Shutoff Valve:

FloraFlex 16/17mm Pipe Fittings and adapters are heavy duty reusable connectors for all your 16/17mm Double Layer connection needs. They are very easy to use and require no special tools.