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Grow Pros - AK800 LED Grow Light 800w 120-277v

Grow Pros - AK800 LED Grow Light 800w 120-277v

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The Grow Pros AK800 is the preferred choice for 1:1 HPS replacement. The Grow Pros AK800 single-tier LED features higher efficiency with equal optical performance or higher than standard HPS grow lights. AK800 saves you more money within as little as 6-8 months when installed in optimal grow room conditions. The Grow Pros AK800 is long-lasting, easy-to-maintain, and better for long-term exponential growth of your plants and your business.

Save as much as 25% in energy savings compared to single-ended HPS and DE grow lights. Operating at 800 watts with an output of 2150 μmols, the Grow Pros AK800 LED achieves a high efficacy of 2.7 μmol/J. The full spectrum light output of Grow Pros AK800 is beneficial for complete plant development, delivering more usable light to the plants, from the germination stage and for both the vegetative and flowering cycles.