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Grow Pros - EMGN Emergency Green LED 40w

Grow Pros - EMGN Emergency Green LED 40w

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The GPS-EMGN is a tri-proof LED light, which means that the luminaire pos- sesses at least three ‘proofing’ properties. Earning its name, the GPS-EMGN is waterproof, dust-proof, and corrosion-proof. The GPS-EMGN emits a plant-safe, soft green light ideal for use in safely illuminating the dark plant cycle when growing short-day crops. The cannot be be easily “seen” by plants allowing for critical tasks to be performed in the grow rooms during the dark cycle without the light adversely effecting the growth stage of the plant.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent light distribution and uniformity ideal for giving the entire plant canopy and equal amount of light
  • Designed to withstand harsh conditions and environments and may reduce energy consumption up to 80%
  • Emergency battery back-up optional (GPS-EMGN-BB)
  • Built-in driver, slim profile – easy to ship, pack, and install
  • Replaces up to 120W fluorescent tubes
  • High Output: 3355 lumens in AC operation
  • Polycarbonate lens – diffused, comfortable illumination
  • IP66-rated: fixture is protected against dust, intrusion of foreign matter for 2to 8 hours, and strong water sprays.
  • IK10-rated: highly impact-resistant: Protected against an impact of 20 joules.This is equal to the impact of an 11-lb. object dropped from ~1.3 ft. above the impacted surface.
  • FCC-compliant light fixture: devices do not cause harmful interference to