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Grow Pros - LED Clone Light 4Ft power 18/30W  (Pack of 2)

Grow Pros - LED Clone Light 4Ft power 18/30W (Pack of 2)

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GPS-CT Series

The GPS Clone Light Series is a 1:1 replacement for a T5 fluorescent light fixture
ideal for providing high-performance, efficient illumination for seedlings and plants in the early vegetative state. Its sleek, low-profile and 4-ft /8-ft length fits into low-clearance, vertical farming environments. The GPS Clone Light Series is easy to install and features easy daisy-chaining to connect multiple lights from end to end. The easy connects eliminates the need for an excess of power cords and electrical sockets when running multiple fixtures in a confined space.

Features and Benefits

• Easy to Install: Luminaires can be easily connected through double-ended
connectors, daisy-chain up to 28 strips on 18W, daisy-chain up to 17 strips on
30W, daisy-chain up to 8 strips on 60W

• Easy-to-Maintain Construction: PC cover is durable, easy to clean, and
features excellent light transmittance

• Long-Life: Excellent thermal management system consists of an aluminum

• Low-profile housing suitable for multi-level farming.

• Powerful yet controlled lighting fit for installing close to the plant to optimize
lighting without risk of leaf burn or dry-out.

• NEMA Rated

Input Power 120V-277V / 50/60Hz