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Grow1 - Black Fabric Pot 2 Gal

Grow1 - Black Fabric Pot 2 Gal

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Grow1 Fabric Pots are a durable, portable growing solution for your gardens. Grow1 Fabric Pots are made of heavy-duty fabric that provides excellent drainage and does not trap heat. The fabric allows plant roots to branch off creating an overall greater root mass. Grow1 Fabric Pots are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.


Grow1 Fabric Pot 1 Gallon
Width (in): 6.000
Height (in): 7.500

Grow1 Fabric Pot 2 Gallon
Width (in): 8.500
Height (in): 8.500

Grow1 Fabric Pot 3 Gallon
Width (in): 10.000
Height (in): 8.500

Grow1 Fabric Pot 5 Gallon
Length (in): 11.000
Width (in): 10.250
Height (in): 8.9

Grow1 Fabric Pot 7 Gallon
Width (in): 14.000
Height (in): 11.750

Grow1 Fabric Pot 10 Gallon
Width (in): 16.000
Height (in): 12.000

Grow1 Fabric Pot 15 Gallon
Width (in): 17.000
Height (in): 15.000

Grow1 Fabric Pot 20 Gallon
Width (in): 19.900
Height (in): 15.900

Grow1 Fabric Pot 25 Gallon
Width (in): 21.000
Height (in): 16.500