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ILUMINAR - HASH Lighting Controller Two Channel w/ iOS , Android app & Desktop Interface

ILUMINAR - HASH Lighting Controller Two Channel w/ iOS , Android app & Desktop Interface

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A World of Information

View real-time data about your indoor garden, from temperature, humidity, PAR, to CO2 levels directly from your smartphone or device.

Through the state-of-the-art HASH controller alongside the HASH Environmental Sensor, you’ll have complete access to control and view the HVAC and lighting settings as well as multiple environmental sensors from your computer or smartphone application.* This minute-to-minute data logging gives professional, commercial horticulturalists total operational control of their facility – large or small.

All on One Channel and At Your Fingertips

ILUMINAR Lighting has created the first controller on the market to run LED grow lights, CMH, HPS, MH, as well as T5 fixtures all on the same channel. The HASH Controller, paired with the Environmental Sensor, allows you to record, view and remotely change in realtime the VPD, temperature, CO2, PAR, humidity and more throughout the growth cycle.

Retrieve that information at the touch of a button from your smartphone or device.

Easily change, track and record data from an unlimited number of environmental sensors in your greenhouse or indoor facility to analyze and dial in your growing space to get maximum yields.

• Lighting
• Temperature
• Humidity
• CO2

• Pair with the HASH Lighting Controller app
• Rugged Design allows for years of use without calibration
• Quickly add a sensor to the ILUMINAR HASH system in seconds
• Maintenance-free

*Available in both iTunes and Google Play store.