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Mars Hydro - Hydroponic  Indoor Grow Tent 2'x2' (60x60x140cm)

Mars Hydro - Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent 2'x2' (60x60x140cm)

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Mars Hydro - High quality grow tent 1680D, 60x60x140cm

Mars Hydro 24''X24''X55'' indoor grow tent uses 1680D Oxford cloth and heavy-duty zippers to prevent light leaks, capable of holding 1-3 plants in a variety of empty spaces in the home such as wardrobes, cupboards, balconies...usually applied as a separate nursery for seedling and veg room.

No Light Leakage And High Reflectivity: Mars Hydro indoor grow tents apply 1680D tear-proof canvas and finely stitched zippers to hold all light inside, prevent light leaking.

Increase Light Intensity: Highly-reflective diamond internal mylar is able to reflect light to the whole plant and increase the light intensity by 25%, helping yield more than without a tent.

Sturdy And Durable Indoor Grow Tent: With an iron frame and metal corners that support up to 88 LB, Mars Hydro grow tents will not rust, nor tip over or be crushed.

User-Friendly Designs: Mesh window for easy observation, removable floor tray for convenient cleaning, and circular vent holes with adjustable nylon straps for better installation of airflow systems.

Private And Perpetual Grow Room: Mars Hydro grow tents provide an individual area for growers to cultivate favorite plants across the year without worrying about seasons or weather.